Lord of the Rings: 1980's Releases - Blister Packs - Collectors Guide

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ME1 Fellowship Heroes

ME2 Fellowship Heroes

ME11 Gandalf

ME12 Strider the Ranger

ME13 Frodo the Hobbit

ME14 Legolas Elf Hero

ME15 Gimli Dwarf Hero

ME21 Boromir of Gondor

ME22 Elrond Elf Lord

ME23 Rohirrim Knight

ME24 Gondor Citadel Knight

ME25 Rangers of Ithilien

ME31 Silvan Elves of Mirkwood

ME32 Noldor - Deep Elves

ME33 Dwarfs

ME34 Hobbits of The Shire

ME35 Beorn

ME41 Goblin Warg Rider

ME42 Orcs of the White Hand

ME43 Half-Orcs of Saruman

ME44 Uruk-Hai - Orc Guards

ME45 Dunlendings

ME51 Orcs of the Red Eye

ME52 Olog-Hai - Troll

ME53 Southron - Haradrim

ME54 Easterling - Evil Raider

ME55 Mouth of Sauron

ME56 Sauron, Saruman, Nazgul

ME61 Sauron - The Dark Lord

ME62 Saruman the White

ME63 Lord of the Nazgul

ME64 Black Rider/Ringwraith

ME71 Corsairs of Umbar

=== ME72 Deadmen of Dunharrow

ME73 Barrow Wights

ME74 Snagga Goblins

ME75 Knight of Dol Amroth

ME81 Aragorn the King

ME-82 "The Hobbit" Personalities

ME83 Tom Bombadil

ME84 Great Eagle of the Misty Mountains

ME85 Treebeard - Mighty Ent