ADD21a - Barbarians

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Sculptor : Alan & Michael Perry

These figures were part of a batch of new blister packs released in late 1986 and early 1987, a few months before Citadel lost the licence. It's surely no coincidence that they hit the market at the same time as the 'F3 Barbarians' range, also designed by the Perrys. This tactic was used with other blisters, including ADD32 Dwarf Villagers (Trish Morrison's D6 Dwarf Villagers), ADD24 Lords of Battle (F2 Lords of Battle), ADD40 Men-at-Arms (F4 Men-at-Arms) and ADD41 Lawful Fighters (F2 Paladins, the ADD41 figures even have 'Paladin' marked on the slotta-tab). Unsurprisingly, many AD&D fans felt somewhat cheated by these releases, and it was no surprise that the writing was on the wall for the ADD range! The pack of 3 Barbarians on foot replaced the previous ADD21 Barbarian Adventure Pack. Although it was always listed as 'ADD21, Barbarians', the code ADD21a has been used to differentiate between the 2 sets. ADD21a consisted of a trio of Barbarian characters, one with a two-handed sword, one with a two-handed battleaxe, and another armed with handaxe and shield.

ADD21a - Barbarian Pose 1

This figure is armed with a broad-bladed two-handed sword, and he wears hide boots and a loincloth. At his belt he carries a handaxe and a sheathed dagger, and he wears a shoulder-belt with a shield boss designed to take a plastic shield.

ADD21a - Barbarian Pose 2

This figure is armed with a double-bladed, two-handed battleaxe, and he wears leather boots and a chainmail groin-guard. At his belt he carries a handaxe and a small pouch and a sheathed dagger.

ADD21a - Barbarian Pose 3

This figure is armed with a single-bladed, one-handed axe and his left hand has a shield stud. He wears leather sandals, a chainmail shirt and a broad belt from which hangs a longsword in a fur scabbard. He also wears a bone, tooth and claw necklace around his neck.

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