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Steve Casey’s (bridgend_steve) trade list

I am mainly after Citadel Miniatures, most of which are preslotta. I am also interested in spaceships and sci-fi figures from a variety of maufacturers (e.g. QT, Garrison) provided they are from the 1970's or early 1980's. Please get in touch if you have anything from the Starhound or Starforce 300 range by QT Miniatures/Tabletop Games. I have both preslotta and slotta stuff to trade with.

Click on a file to view its contents. Please email me at to discuss trades. Thanks!

1. Unreleased and various rare figures

- Leaping Slomm Chaos Troll the alternative version (top priority! click hereto see this version)

- Fantasy Adventurers remodelled for sci-fi e.g. here

- The Flymen range e.g. here

- Unreleased Judge Dredd prototype figures such as here

- The solid based aliens Pl'loden, l'harsh and Wolfen here

- Various unreleased Spacefarers aliens such as can be found here

- Unreleased Aardvark (Earthpig) Adventurer here

Please note: I'm interested in ANY uncatalogued, unreleased or alternative versions of Citadel preslotta figures please email me with details.

2. Star Trek (54mm scale)

3. Dark Ages and Medieval (54mm scale)

4. Science Fiction Adventurers (54mm scale)

5. Fighters, Chaos Warriors, Mounted Fantasy Adventurers , Clerics, Monks, Bards, Thieves, Chaos Beastmen (C38) and Broo

6. Fantasy Tribe Dragon heads

7. Superheroes

8. Star Trek (25mm)

9. Spaceships_-_C43

10. C46 Villagers - need a few of these

11. Gothic Horror

12. Gangsters, mostly interested in the weapons that were available, plus the motorcylce.

13. The following scenario pack figures: Osrim Chardz, Hagar Sheol, Gimbrin Finehelm, 3-legged goblin.

14. Fantasy Tribes Goblins/Gnolls (esp. cavalry and female gnoll variants), zombies, orcs and dwarves.

I am also interested in the small notes that accompanied the store opening and mail order only special editions (an example can be seen here), letters and packing notes sent by Citadel in the 1970's/1980's (an example can be seen here), mail order flyers (mainly from the 1980's), and original Warhammer and Citadel artwork.

Stuff I have to trade

Please email me regarding your current wants. I hope to have my spares uploaded to a website soon.