Imperial Guard To 1994 - Collectors Guide

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When Rogue Trader was first released in 1987, the then Imperial Army and Space Marines, together with a number of other figures were loosely grouped together as Forces of the Imperium. The release of the 1988 Catalogue saw Imperial Army re-named as Imperial Guard and the start of the separation of the Forces of the Imperium into what are now two distinct forces for 40K - Imperial Guard and Space Marines.

This guide covers the Imperial Army until 1988 and the Imperial Guard thereafter to 1994 when Citadel started releasing different races within the overall classificatioon of Imperial Guard.

As was common during the first years of 40K, figures would appear in a flyer, White Dwarf or catalogue only to disappear shortly thereafter or re-appear as something different in a different range later.

Consulting the Rogue Trader Adventurers, Mercenaries & Pirates - Collectors Guide and the Rogue Trader Forces of the Imperium - Collectors Guide may also be helpful.