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The Phoenix Lord Baharroth, The Cry of the Wind, is the oldest of all the Swooping Hawks and founder of the Swooping Hawk Aspect Warrior Shrines. He learned the arts of war from Asurmen in the Shrine of Asur. Since that time he has been reborn many times. It is said that his final death will come with the other Phoenix Lords at the Rhana Dandra, the final battle between the material universe and Chaos.


In times of great need, the Phoenix Lords will emerge leading groups of elite warriors, chosen from accross the craftworlds. Baharroth's Tempest is one such group, formed from the fastest and most agile of all Swooping Hawks. The Swooping Hawk's of Baharroth's Tempest are known to perform the Bahurkan - the hawk strike - a direct assault by the Swooping Hawks on enemy aircraft, using adapted haywire grenades fitted with small gravitic motors to act as ariel mines.


The Bahzhakain is the assembled warhost of the Biel-Tan, meaning in translation the Swordwind or Tempest of Blades. The Swordwind relies on a single attack which uses surprise and the immense fighting skills and firepower of its Aspect Warriors to annihilate the enemy in one swift blow. To this end the Swordwind employs numerous Wave Serpents and Falcons to move its units into position, from which the Aspect warriors then launch a devastating all-out attack, smashing the enemy and giving them no chance to recover. This kind of attack has proved particularly devastating against the Swordwind's most favoured type of target - enemy colonies.


A psychic familiar used by Harlequin Shadowseers. These are curious falcon-headed wraith-constructs, small in size.


The Biel-Tan craftworld is located towards the southern rim of the galaxy, at the edge of what is believed to be the extent of the ancient Eldar empire. Amongst the Eldar, the Biel-Tan have a well-deserved reputation for being warlike. Their name means 'Rebirth of Ancient Days' and the craftworld is represented by the rune 'The Reborn', standing for the principle of reincarnation - a fate thought to have befallen every Eldar before the Fall. The Biel-Tan have taken it upon themselves to rebuild the glory of the Eldar and therefore place greater importance on the Path of the Warrior than other craftworlds, knowing that if a new Eldar empire is to be forged, it will be through battle and bloodshed.

The Biel-Tan see colonisation by other races as a threat to the future growth of the Eldar empire. It is their philosophy that it is better to eradicate any usurpers as soon as possible before the enemy becomes well established, giving rise to a large number of Swordwind attacks against small colonies. The Orks are particularly hated by the Biel-Tan as they can rapidly spread across a newly colonised world. The starships of the Biel-Tan constantly hunt across the stars to destroy Ork spacecraft before they can find a world to engulf with green warriors. The leaders of Biel-Tan also see it as their duty to protect the Exodite worlds from alien invasion. As the Eldar of Biel-Tan see it, when the time comes for the Eldar to emerge from the shadows and reclaim what is rightfully theirs, the Exodite worlds will be the first staging points for conquering the worlds of other races that have spread across the galaxy (See Aspect Warriors; Fir Farillecassion).


The Eldar of Ulthwé place great emphasis on the long and dangerous Path of the Seer and as such this reliance on psykers has left the craftworld lacking in the skilled Aspect Warriors. To compensate for this, Ulthwé maintains a considerable standing army of Guardians in place of the normal Guardian units that are raised at times of need. These Black Guardians receive extra training in their chosen battle skills and are known famed throughout the region of the Eye of Terror.


The Black Library is one of the strangest places in the charted universe. It is spoken of as a craftworld, which in form it may be, yet it is very different from the other craftworlds of the Eldar. Where the craftworlds float through the firmament of the material universe, the Black Library exists only within the Webway, the labyrinth of warp tunnels through which the Eldar travel and it is said only the Harlequins of the Laughing God know all of its twists and turns. To reach the Black Library it is necessary to travel the secret passages through the warp, to pass the Guardians of the Black Library, and to find one of the hidden entrances that lead within.

The Black Library houses all of the most precious secrets and knowledge of the Eldar, in particular all that they have learned of the perils of Chaos. It is said that the Sorcerer Ahriman of the Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marines has undertaken a never-ending search to find the Black Library in order to plunder it of the knowledge that is held within.

Inquisitor Czevak has said of the Black Library at the Conclave of Har: "Though I have seen within and spoken to its most terrible guardian, I can never reveal what happened there; not to any man nor even the Emperor himself for I am forsworn to powers beyond your knowledge. I can only say that a time of inconceivable horror is about to begin. A time when mankind with all the might of the Imperium cannot endure when the strength of the Eldar fails. Even now our doom stalks us across the stars."


An undescribed Eldar blossom.


Bone Seers are Eldar who have become so immersed in the Bonesinger Path that they are unable to leave its confines, just as Exarchs of the Warrior Path. Bone Seers are the mentors of the Bonesinger Path and are craftsmen expert in the manipulation of Wraithbone and psycho-plastics. Many Bone Seers have the ability to construct Isitha Kasra, the psychic tools used by both Bonesingers and Bone Seers to make exceptional psychic repair work on damaged vehicles.


The Path of the Bonesinger is a singular and unique path, due to their role as the psycho-technicians of the Eldar. They craft Wraithbone and other psycho-plastic materials to fashion the artefacts found aboard the Eldar craftworlds. Bonesingers work their wraithbone using their psychic powers and a psychic tool called an Isitha Kasra. This psychic tool is played in a similar fashion to a musical instrument but no sound accompanies its playing. Instead it conditions the Bonesinger's concentration, enabling him to repair wraithbone and other psycho-plastic materials much more easily than he would otherwise. The Isitha Kasra also boosts the psychic powers of the Bonesinger through the storage and provision of additional psychic energy for occasions when the Bonesinger needs that extra boost to his powers.

Every Eldar is trained to fight in battle and Bonesingers are no exception. On the battlefield Bonesingers generally accompany Wraithlords, War Walkers, grav-tanks and other vehicles where their abilities can be put to the best use by repairing battle damage. As damage is inflicted upon the vehicles the Bonesingers can psychically knit the wraithbone core and psycho-plastic coverings back together, reconnect the mind links to the Eldar spirit within a Wraithlord and a myriad of other complicated psychic repairs which need to be made in the maelstrom of battle.