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Battles of the Eldar


When the Eldar fought against the forces of Chaos in the Yarant system, Revenant Titans played a vital role. After a month of gruelling conflict, the prophetic Eldar Farseers determined the location of the headquarters of the Death Guard - the Legion of Traitor Space Marines beloved of the Chaos god Nurgle. On Yarant IV, the Death Guard formed the core of the Chaos resistance and the Farseers believed that an attack against their headquarters would disrupt the whole Chaos battle force. Once this had been achieved, a final all-out offensive would cast the Chaos hordes from Yarant IV once and for all. The headquarters were sited in the midst of a morass of rotting jungle and swamps near the Timan valley. The camp was shielded against orbital bombardment and the Death Guard garrison entrenched in the festering jungles could easily delay a conventional force long enough to bring in reinforcements. A direct assault against the headquarters with skimmers would invite disaster as the attackers would be cut off from help the moment they passed over the surrounding terrain and entered the treacherous deltas and swamps.

To overcome these obstacles, the Eldar launched a series of diversionary raids in the Timan valley while a Wild Riders host and six Revenant Scout Titans moved towards the jungle in great secrecy. Once this force was in position, a full scale attack began in the Timan valley to draw off the Death Guards' reserves. An hour later, in the gathering dusk, the Vypers and Jetbikes screamed down on the Death Guards' forward outposts in the swamp and wiped them out. The Jetbikes swept on, scouting a path through the tangle of stagnant pools and Sekarra groves. Whenever detachments of the Death Guard blocked the way, the Revenants bounded forward and blasted them at close range, overrunning the Plague Marines before they had a chance to form an effective defence. By using this deadly attack pattern, the combined force broke through to the Death Guard headquarters. Although the surviving warriors of the Death Guard garrison fought with fanatical determination, the Revenants, Vypers and Jetbikes tore through their positions and destroyed the command bunker with minimal Eldar losses. The Eldar continued to strafe the Chaos camp until the arrival of further Chaos reinforcements some hours later forced the attackers to withdraw into the surrounding jungle. A week after the lightning raid, the forces of Chaos were pushed off Yarant IV altogether by a major Eldar offensive. The clearance of the swamp had been the turning point in the whole battle.


Yme-Loc is one of the smaller craftworlds located in the Segmentum Obscurus. Its inhabitants are talented artisans and their armies include many grav-tanks and Titans. The craftworld rune is that of a burning crucible.


The Yngir are told of in Eldar legend as demi-gods that fought alongside Khaine to cast the children of Isha from Heaven. However, once the Eldar found themselves in the mortal realm, the Yngir pursued them, attempting to obliterate the race from existence. Khaine joined with the hosts of the Eldar to face the enemy, his jealousy sated. Khaine and his host defeated, but did not destroy, Kaelis Ra, while Vaul forced the Dragon into a long sleep.

The Yngir have slept since the birth of Chaos. Now they have again awoken, and are revealed to be the C'tan, gods of the Necrontyr. There are four surviving Yngir named in Eldar texts, and prophesised to return for a great harvest, leading the living dead. The Dragon resides on the Vaul-Moon; the Master of Death (assumed to refer to the Nightbringer, Kaelis Ra) who will drink deep from Isha's Eye; the Jackal-God who turns brother on brother (assumed to refer to the Deceiver); and the Outsider.

The Harlequins recount a legend, barely more than once a century, regarding the Yngir known as the Outsider. They tell that the Laughing God tricked the Outsider into consuming its brothers, their essences remained in its being and drove it insane and into exile. The mocking amusement of the Laughing God earned the wrath of the Outsider, and the Harlequins tell that one day it will return take its revenge.


Ynnead is known only as the god of the dead. He lies dormant within the Eternal Matrix, a great unconscious entity that has grown stronger over countless generations. He is spoken in ancient prophecies as the saviour of the Eldar from the Great Enemy, but it is not known whether the Eldar race will survive to see him arise as the last hope of the Eldar.


Of all of the great pirates and raider chieftains, Yriel of Iyanden is one of the few to return to the Eldar Path. Formerly the admiral of all Iyanden Fleet, Yriel was stripped of his position after leaving the craftworld prey to a Chaos fleet whilst leading an attack into the Eye of Terror against Chaotic minions. Although Yriel and his Eldritch Raiders returned in to time to save the craftworld, Yriel was disgraced. Enraged by the ingratitude of his kin he left the Eldar Path to become an outcast, taking to the depths of space. For many years Yriel raided shipping routes and hired out his raiders to local planetary lords as mercenaries, bestowing upon himself the title of 'Pirate Prince'. Yriel never fell prey to the excesses of wanton slaughter that characterise many pirate fleets and eventually returned to Iyanden in time to save the craftworld from total devastation from the Tyranid swarm known as Hive Fleet Kraken.


Yrrthilien Mournsong travels the galaxy in search for an honourable death in battle and will offer his services to any Eldar commander worthy of attention. He is so devoured by his grief and rage at the loss of his family to Slaanesh that he cannot leave the warrior path, and is, to all extents and purposes, an Exarch of his own personal Aspect. Over the years Yrrthilien has been taught much in the art of warfare by some of the greatest Eldar leaders, one being Tathuanne Stormreaver of Saim-Hann, who gave Yrrthilien the customised jetbike he now rides into battle.

Yrrthilien named his jetbike The Screaming Gales long ago because of its unique armament. The shuriken catapults have been replaced by a Sonic Crystal Cannon - a complex sound resonation system housed in pods either side of the bike and on the front fairing. An unintentional, but useful side effect to this system is that the Gale is constantly surrounded by a distortion field when the jetbike is powered up. Yrrthilien also carries The Moon Sabre of Thilien, a potent power weapon that was once used by Yrrthilien's father. It is unique in that it is a long curved blade with a single cutting edge, which many warriors would find difficult to use on foot, let alone from the seat of a jetbike.