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Named Eldar Individuals and Units
Battles of the Eldar


The area on a Craftworld where the Dark Reaper Aspect warriors hone their arts, on firing ranges (See Dark Reapers; Craftworlds).


Cergorach is the Laughing God, the Great Harlequin God of the warrior dancer troupes known as Harlequins.

During the War against the Yngir, the Laughing God tricked the Nightbringer into consuming his brothers. Each Yngir was shown to be the Laughing God in the eyes of the Nightbringer, but once he had feasted on his brother, laughter echoed, and the Laughing God led the Nightbringer on. The chase sent the Nightbringer mad with frustration.

Legend has it that once Slaanesh had destroyed the other Eldar gods he fought with Kaela Mensha Khaine, the Bloody-Handed War god of the Eldar. But Cergorach hid behind Khaine, and by means of his trickery and adroitness managed to avoid the gaze of Slaanesh. When the two struggling gods retired exhausted, Khaine into the material universe in his Avatar forms, and Slaanesh into the Warp, Cergorach escaped into the Webway and hid among its myriad tunnels. He lives there still, laughing at the gods of Chaos, emerging secretly to play his deadly tricks upon them or to make secret plans. He cannot be caught for he is too fast and subtle, and he knows all the secrets of the Webway (See Avatar; Harlequins; Kaela Mensha Khaine; Slaanesh; Webway).


The area on a Craftworld where the Aspect warrior Exarchs hone their arts (See Aspect Warriors; Craftworlds; Exarchs).


The Cobra super-heavy grav tank is similar to the more common Scorpion, mounting a huge D-Cannon, able to open fractures between real and warp space, dragging its targets into the warp. Like the Scorpion, the Cobra is equipped with holo fields to disrupt enemy targeting (see Grav Tanks; Scorpion).


Commarragh is the city of the Dark Eldar, hidden deep in the Webway and ruled by the Lords of the Kabals. There is no day or night, just an eternal twilight bathing all things in a ruddy blood-light. The air is filled with screams and cruel laughter. Slaves are tortured or forced to fight in gladiatorial arenas against Wyches or other aliens. Although the Kabals hold power, the streets and alleyways are fraught with danger, even for the Dark Eldar as rival Kabals defend their territory fiercely. Mandrakes too stalk the shadows, plucking away the unwary and slaying them (see Dark Eldar; Kabals; Mandrakes; Webway; Wych Cults).


As well as the Seers that govern most Craftworlds, Biel-Tan is also governed by a military council known as the Court of the Young King. Their number is made up from Exarchs who have spent a year in the honoured position of the Young King. The Young King is ritually sacrificed to awaken the raging spirit of the Avatar of Khaine but on Biel-Tan, a Young King who survives the year in office will join the Court rather than return to tend their shrine. The Exarchs of the Court are highly hostile to all outsiders, as one might expect, and it is they who have led to the aggressive nature of the Biel-Tan Craftworld (see Avatar; Biel-Tan; Exarchs).


Most Eldar live upon gigantic vessels known as craftworlds, which travel the void endlessly. Each craftworld is a self-contained environment, with no need for planetary colonies or outposts. Each operates independently from the others and craftworlds rarely have much contact with each other, except to give aid in times of conflict. During their heyday the Eldar used the craftworlds as vast trading ships. The craftworlds were self-contained communities housing hundreds of Eldar families. A typical trading mission might take the craftworld away from its home planet for centuries, travelling thousands of light years beyond Eldar space before returning home. The craftworlds developed a strong sense of independence and were largely unaffected by the degradation of Eldar society leading up to the Fall. Because a craftworld might return to its home planet only three or four times in a thousand years, the decline of their civilisation was all the more apparent to them. In the final weeks before the Fall, returning craftworlds found their worlds in ruins. They rescued those of their kin who were still sane and fled into the deeps of space through the rapidly collapsing webway network. Many craftworlds lingered too long in attempting to rescue their kinsmen. Finding themselves in orbit at the moment of the Fall, they were either destroyed by the psychic overspill or sucked through the warp and consumed by Slaanesh.

There are many known craftworlds that survived the Fall, connected to each other via the webway, these include Yme-Loc, Iybraesil and Lugganath in the Segmentum Obscurus and many others besides. Over time many have these have been destroyed or lost, such as Altansar, the home of the genesis of the Phoenix Lord, Maugan Ra. However, the five largest craftworlds still remain as beacons for the Eldar race. These greatest of craftworlds are Alaitoc, Iyanden, Biel-Tan, Saim-Hann and Ulthwé (see Alaitoc; Altansar; Biel-Tan; Ctho; Iyanden; Iybraesil; Lugganath; Meros; Saim-Hann; Ulthwé; Yme-Loc).


A paradise world, once part of the pre-Fall Eldar Empire, now lost (see Mymeara; Iydris; Eldorado the Golden; Fall of the Eldar).


When the Eldar worlds where overwhelmed by the rift in time and space known as the Eye of Terror they were not destroyed. They were drawn into the warp and horribly altered, so they became abodes of daemons and other foul Chaos entities. To the Eldar these worlds are known as the Crone Worlds. According to tradition the Crone Worlds still preserve some of the Eldar's greatest treasures despite the changes that Chaos has wrought upon them (See also Eye of Terror; Homeworlds).


Rare intersections or eddies within the Webway at which time itself is slowed or annulled. Unwary travellers can be trapped in stasis, whereas those forewarned are able to pass safely, perhaps choosing to linger as days, decades or even centuries pass in the material universe. It is thought that the Phoenix Lords linger in these havens as the centuries flow past them, in between their rare appearances (see Phoenix Lords; Uigebealach; Webway).


A legendary lost Craftworld. Why it should be attributed this status is not recorded (See Craftworlds).